The 23rd Chapters Regional Conference

ASHRAE Indonesia Chapter is organizing the Chapters Regional Conference (CRC) in Jakarta. This conference shall be attended by world’s prominent sustainability scientists, engineers and policy makers. The CRC is an annual conference designed for all regional ASHRAE chapters to connect and discuss the organization. Each chapter will send a delegate as well as an alternate member to attend the CRC. They also will send some officers to have committee workshops. The ASHRAE Indonesia Chapter will host the 2020 CRC in Jakarta, Indonesia to be held from August 21 to 22.

The ASHRAE Indonesia Chapter is going the extra mile this time by inviting students from 10 countries and 7 different chapters in the region XIII. The student gathering shall include technical sessions, Energy Efficiency Championship and one day tours to Thousand Islands. This student gathering is intended to provide a forum for the dissemination of information pertaining to chapter and regional activities, sharing technical & cultural values and learning of leadership principles at ASHRAE for a better tomorrow.

This year's CRC will be unique as we get ready to welcome a contingent of students, aspiring for a fruitful career in engineering; in them, we see the ASHRAE leaders of tomorrow.