Greeting from President ASHRAE Indonesia Chapter (AIC)

ASHRAE Indonesia President ASHRAE Indonesia Chapter (AIC) was set up in 27th November 2007, following approval of the AIC by the BOD (Board of Director) and the approval of the New Chapter Constitution and By Laws on 26th November 2007.  AIC is Chapter No. 183 under Region XIII and since then Region XIII consists of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine and Indonesia Chapters. At that time the formation of Indonesia Chapter motion was put forward in Dallas Meeting, late September 2007, there were only 52 members signed the petition. It reflected that ASHRAE membership was very low in Indonesia, hence the full participation of all the member was the most important prerequisite for Indonesia Chapter to march forward.

Sample background


I invite all ASHRAE members in Indonesia to join hand in hands to work together in simple phrase "advancing the arts and sciences" is a very loaded statement of the meaning and scope. Wherein the assessment activities, research, studies, experiments, experimentation, analysis, monitoring, surveys, reporting, review in our daily activities like the panel of experts from around the world who work voluntarily in ASHRAE.

In the period of 2013-14, AIC is given the honor to organize CRC-2013, a prestigious event in the ASHRAE Region XIII and a dissemination forum about ASHRAE activities in seven ASEAN countries, namely Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan. This opportunity in my opinion is not only of the concern and the interest of the AIC core officers, but also all members of the AIC, even the perpetrators of professionals, researchers, academic staff and the wider community who are interested in particularly HVAC&R; energy efficiency; indoor air quality; and sustainability within the building industry.

Total number of AIC (per August 2013) member is 143 consist of 86 associate and full member plus 57 student member among 50,000 members around the world and as part of 191 chapters worldwide in 13 regions plus 1 region-at-large. Those are represented by students, consulting engineers, mechanical contractors, building owners, employees of manufacturing companies, educational institutions, research organizations, government, architects, or anyone concerned with HVAC&R for the built environment.

ASHRAE has three grades of membership awarded to applicants based on their experience and participation in the industry. Member grade and associate grade offer the same member benefits. ASHRAE is offering a new pricing program to members who reside in countries categorized as developing countries by the World Bank List of Economies statistics. The cost is only $90 USD per year for individuals in eligible countries. The benefits of the new program will include: electronic-only monthly access to the ASHRAE Journal and ASHRAE Insights, and the annual ASHRAE Handbook in CD format. One way ASHRAE can share that knowledge is by bringing members together via chapters, which allows them to work together, share ideas, and advance the standards of practice to improve the built environment. ASHRAE sees its chapter program as a way to build the HVAC&R community.




Kusdiyanto Kusni

President 2020 - 2021